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The BiddingLab Reactor
What is the BiddingLab Reactor and how does it help me with Google Ads campaign management? We explain how you can use the BiddingLab Reactor to manage your campaigns efficiently and get the most out of your campaigns.
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Google Ads Automation – Is predictive bidding the end of the line?
We admit: We are big fans of automation - and let's face it, if reliable medical diagnoses can now be made by artificial intelligence, a Google Ads account can certainly be managed via AI. Can you?
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How you can also increase your SEO traffic with Google Ads & Bid Management
It is no longer a secret that the success of a website depends not least on the two SEM disciplines - search engine optimization and search engine advertising. The synergy effects that result from an optimal coordination of both channels are often underestimated.
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Google Smart Bidding vs External Bidding Solutions – which solution is better?
What is Smart Bidding? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Smart Bidding compared to an external bidding solution? The comparison in numbers.
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