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4 min. read - Posted on 05/05/2020

It is no longer a secret that the success of a website depends not least on the two SEM disciplines – search engine optimization and search engine advertising. The synergy effects that result from an optimal coordination of both channels are often underestimated. SEO and SEA are often seen as separate disciplines that have little to do with each other. However, a holistic view of both areas results in valuable insights – what these are and why you can also improve your SEO rankings with Bid Management, we explain in this article.

The interaction of SEO and SEA / Google Ads:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) primarily aims at the technical structure, content and links of a website in order to achieve the highest possible ranking in the non-paid part of Google search results. By placing Google Ads, targeted ad spaces are purchased for various relevant keywords, which are also displayed within the Google search results. So if you manage to rank for interesting keywords both with an ad as well as organically, you can achieve the optimum traffic for your website.

SEA Bid Management & SEO: Use synergy effects

How can I then use the bid management of BiddingLab for my SEO strategy? What insights does Bid Management provide for me?

Strategic SEO: Find strong SEO keywords with Google Ads Bid Management

Which keywords are most relevant for me? Which keywords should I optimize my SEO content for? A good SEO strategy stands and falls with the right keywords – but how do I find good keywords? With Google Ads you don’t have to base your keyword research only on tools, but you get real results from practice. You can see, for example, which keywords have brought the most traffic and which keywords achieve the most conversions. Data on which you can base your SEO strategy. So you can decide which keywords you should build SEO content for – and which ones are less worthwhile.

Especially cost-intensive keywords with high CPC usually have a high search volume. So it can make sense to optimize the landing pages of especially expensive keywords from an SEO point of view in order to achieve a good ranking organically and thus reduce the costs for Google Ads.

Tip: The BiddingLab Reactor for search continuously expands your Google Ads keyword set with targeted keywords.

SEO meta description and SEA ad texts – how do I achieve optimal click-through rates?

Which of my Google Ads ad texts are the most successful? Which texts achieve the best click rates? Which terms and phrases get the most clicks? Google Ads provides data and figures for this purpose, which in turn can be used to optimize Titles and Meta Descriptions. Although the meta descriptions in the organic search results are of course structured slightly differently from the Google Ads ad texts, it is still possible to deduce from them which terms are successful and which are less successful. So Google Ads can also help to improve your SEO click rates.

Use Display Ads for SEO

Also ads that are placed in the Google Display Network can be interesting for your own SEO strategy. Here it is worthwhile to observe on which websites the ads were displayed – and how successful the display was on which website. You can then use these findings for SEO: Maybe the website is interesting for link building or there is the possibility of a cooperation and a guest contribution by placing a link to your own website?

The Google Ads quality factor as an indicator for SEO content quality

Google summarizes the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages in the so-called quality factor, which has a direct influence on the performance in your account. This is because the higher the quality factor, the lower the cost of the ads and the better the ad position.

If the quality factor is low and you are sure that the ad is relevant, this should be an alarm signal for the SEO content, then you should urgently revise your landing pages and optimize them for the corresponding search terms. A good quality factor is therefore not only important for the ad placement, but is also an indicator for the content quality of your landing page.

How do I set up Google Ads as the optimal complement to SEO?

For some keywords it can be useful to place SEA ads in addition to SEO optimization. These can be strategically important keywords, for example, but they do not generate much traffic organically, as they are not played out on page 1 due to the competitive environment. Then it is usually very useful and recommendable to book these keywords with Google Ads, in order to still provide the corresponding landing pages with traffic.

An essential difference between SEO and SEA is that SEA measures can be implemented at very short notice, whereas search engine optimization requires a little patience. So if you have optimized a site and don’t want to wait until it achieves good organic rankings in the search results, it can be useful to generate traffic with Google Ads at short notice.

Creating good SEO content is usually quite time-consuming and cost-intensive, because often a separate landing page with high-quality content should be created for each keyword. Do you have keywords that could be relevant for your website but for which you do not have SEO content yet? Then Google Ads can help out here – with the help of SEA ads you will still get traffic on these keywords in the short term.

Conclusion: Coordinate Google Ads and SEO

What are the advantages of matching Google Ads and SEO?

Google Ads as SEO test environment:

It is not always necessary to create extensive A/B tests with optimization tools to test different variants and possibilities of the SEO content – often a glance at the Google Ads key figures is enough to improve the SEO strategy.

Increase your own visibility:

If you occupy two places in the search results – organic and paid – you will displace competitors and increase the probability of clicks. Of course, you only pay for the SEA traffic if a user clicks on the ads.

SEA as a short-term measure, SEO needs patience:

Good SEO content is crucial for the success of a website, so the quality of the content is also an indicator for the SEA quality factor. However, if you want to generate short-term traffic and improve your visibility in search results, there is no way around Google Ads.

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