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More performance for your Google Shopping campaigns?

Many advertisers run into the situation where shopping campaign performance stagnates or the desired goals are not met. This can have various causes. Potentials are often not used sensibly and unprofitable work is done. For example, potentially profitable products are given little attention and cost-intensive unprofitable products are given greater attention. Google only pays attention to the rough structure of your data feed and does not analyze deeper levels.

The solution: The Shopping Reactor

The BiddingLab Shopping Reactor is another component of the BiddingLab ecosystem that simplifies and optimizes the product feed of your Google Shopping campaigns. It always compares the current state of your product feed with the structure of the account and automatically integrates new additions. The Shopping Reactor is able to control each product individually or on ID level. This advantage has it in itself, because thereby more performant products are preferred and thus enable a higher profitability.

Focus on long-term strategies

Our Shopping feature allows you to go from macro-managing your Google Account to micro-managing it without any extra effort, getting the most out of your campaigns. The goal is to provide you with the necessary tailwind to focus on new areas to grow together. The Shopping Reactor allows you to target your products more efficiently, giving you more freedom in your daily life as an SEA manager.

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