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Google Display

Performance with Google Display?

Display marketing is an increasingly important discipline within the Google Ads universe. Due to many customer inquiries, we developed a way to make the display ads even more efficient and performant.

Placement bids are now possible

The Display Reactor enables placement bids to be placed in the first place. By transferring placements from the ‘Discovery’ area (Auto-Placements) to the ‘Manager’ area (Placements). The selection of placements is based on historical data of the discovery area and includes successful and unsuccessful placements. Only placements that promote or hinder the target in their evaluation are used in order to be able to intervene in a target-oriented manner.

One step ahead of the competition

The Display Reactor completes our Reactor Triology and guarantees your ads significantly more flexibility in terms of playout and placement. The active and automated booking of placements is a unique selling point of our tool. This way, you and your company are always one step ahead of the competition.

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