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Google Ads Automation – Is predictive bidding the end of the line?

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3 min. read - Posted on 30/10/2020

We admit: We are big fans of automation – and let’s face it, if reliable medical diagnoses can now be made by artificial intelligence, a Google Ads account can certainly be managed via AI.

Can you?

The answer is yes – at least to a large extent.

Automated bidding to increase performance

A fairly well-known type of Google Ads automation is the bidding algorithm. Auto-bidding is not new and has been further developed over the years and optimized to such an extent that in many cases (including BiddingLab) the bids can now actually be controlled 100% automatically.

But is that really all? Can’t there be more?

Of course there is more: Automated Google Ads campaign setup via BiddingLab

A pretty big lever when it comes to ad automation is the account setup and account maintenance.

Creating a complete Google Ads account automatically with just a few clicks is not easy, but possible – and especially for larger accounts or complex shop structures very practical, because it not only saves a lot of time, but is also much less risky and usually usually cleaner than it would be possible to do it by hand.

But how?

BiddingLab combines different tools and algorithms. In addition to the classic bidder, we have a sub-system (‘x2x’) that can automatically map the entire campaign structure – all that is needed here is a data feed as input. Whether CSV, XML or a direct database connection is of secondary importance, the system supports a variety of input types.

Based on the existing data structure, campaigns and ad groups are created and automatically filled with the appropriate keywords or products. Then the setup is checked (we admit that this is still done manually 😉 ) and the campaigns are activated – from here on the bidder takes over.

Keywords, products & bids on product level

Of course, there is also a lot to do after the setup: products are added or left the assortment, categories are expanded or adjusted and trends or novelties influence the search behaviour of the users.

Can an AI help here as well?

Yes – this is where another module of Biddinglab comes into play: New products are automatically assigned to the correct adgroups & subcategories in Google Shopping, so no manual effort is required. We work according to a similar principle in the search area: Another sub-module analyses the search queries and automatically books the appropriate keywords.

Of course, both settings are only optional, so they don’t have to be selected. However, we recommend that you use BiddingLab to its full extent and with all underlying sub-systems – only then can BiddingLab develop its full potential.

Do I have to fear for my job as SEA Manager?

We are pushing Google Ads Automation to the top – does this mean we want to make SEA Managers redundant?

No, don’t worry. We believe that automation is a powerful and important tool to relieve account managers, but not to replace them. After all, every AI is missing one crucial thing: the brain.

Our vision is to free Ads Managers from the routine of daily time wasters, so that they can focus on the important things in search engine advertising – for example, strategically developing the account and finding new potentials that are away from “CPC up” & “CPC down”.

Conclusion: Is predictive bidding the end of the line?

Absolutely not, on the contrary: Bidding is just the beginning – automation will go much further in the coming months and years. The important thing is not to see progress as an enemy or even fear it, but to remain open to new possibilities – automation is a huge lever which, if used correctly, can save a tremendous amount of work, time and effort.

In this sense: Have fun discovering the possibilities 🙂

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