BiddingLabs’ AI-powered processes

Real time bid management

Bid management takes place in real time and with the help of fully automated bidding algorithms and AI-powered optimization.

Conversion Prediction

Based on extensive signals and other factors, our conversion prediction algorithm calculates the probability of a conversion and then adjusts the bids accordingly. This ensures that unnecessary clicks and the associated costs are largely avoided.

Bid Landscape Analysis

Monitor the competitive situation and optimize your own ad position. Even with poor performance, visibility is maintained.

Trend Recognition

BiddingLab AI is able to identify trends and developments in consumer behavior. Through our Trend Recognition, the temporal proximity of potential interactions is weighted to identify short and long-lived trends.

Budget Sharing

Continuously self-learning distribution of your budget across campaigns and ad groups, as well as seasonality, time of week and time of day.

Advertising scheduler

Bid adjustments based on seasonality, time of week and time of day, which have different conversion probability.


Based on the keywords stored in the campaign, BiddingLab Reactor divides the campaign structure into “high and low performers”. The “high performers” are given more weight and budget than the “low performers”. The “low performers” remain active for you at a minimum level without significantly burdening the budget. In addition, BiddingLab Reactor is also able to optimize product groups of your shopping campaigns. The existing structure is evaluated and broken down to the lowest product level to ensure that bids are always made at the product or ID level.

Promotion Booster

With the Promotion Booster, products that you want to give more attention to or certain categories can be optimally highlighted. Promotion periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or similar discount periods can be planned perfectly and guarantee the best possible results.

Sales Booster

Ideally suited for promotional days, Christmas business or special events: The Sales Booster plays by its individual rules and ensures maximum advertising pressure during the promotional period.

Signal Recognition

BiddingLab analyzes and detects whether clicks on different device types are to be valued higher or lower and adjusts the bids accordingly.

Performance Monitoring & Analysis

All notable performance metrics at a glance. These are displayed in the BiddingLab interface in the comparison period and over time. This ensures complete transparency at all times.

Additional Datafeeds

Do you have specific sales targets for certain product categories? Your products have different margins and therefore different ROAS targets? No problem for BiddingLab! We take into account additional data feeds, so that the optimization is flexibly adjusted to your performance goals.

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