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DSA Campaigns – Dynamic Search Ads in Google Ads

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3 min. read - Posted on 17/03/2021

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are a simple and time-saving form of Google Ads advertising with text ads. What exactly is behind it, how it all works and how the optimal interaction with BiddingLab works, we tell you here.

What are Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)?

Enter keywords when creating a campaign? With Dynamic Search Ads this is not necessary. As an advertiser, you simply define the page to be advertised – and Google does the rest for you. Google crawls your page and creates ads automatically – based on the content of your page.

If a user makes a search query and Google thinks that this query matches your page, your page will be advertised. The ad title is automatically generated by Google. As an advertiser, you only have to specify the description lines yourself.

What are the advantages of dynamic search ads?

Dynamic search ads sound pretty good, don’t they? But do they have other advantages besides saving time?

Yes, of course! Dynamic search ads help you optimize other ads and campaigns in your Google Ads account. You can view the search terms and pages used for which your DSA campaigns were served. And you can see which keywords could perform best with which page. Which search term generates how many clicks and conversions? And which keywords should I focus on or avoid in the future? You can answer these questions with the help of the data on your dynamic search ads.

For whom are dynamic search ads suitable?

Is your website very large and difficult to promote via keyword-based campaigns? Or you don’t have much time to set up or maintain your campaigns, but you don’t want to wait any longer and you don’t want to miss out on any traffic? Then you should think about dynamic search ads. Because – as already described – they provide you with important insights that you can also use for other or new campaigns.

If the content of your website changes on a regular basis, you should keep in mind that Google will only accept the changes once the page has been crawled again. This may take a little time. Therefore, Dynamic Search Ads are less suitable for promoting daily deals.

Best Practices: Creating and optimizing DSA campaigns

  • Segment ad targets: To increase the performance of DSA campaigns, multiple ad targets should be created. These ad targets can be segmented by category or lead group, for example. Thus, BiddingLab can target bids for each group according to their performance.
  • Adjust bids: When bids are adjusted by location, time of day, or device, for example, you have more control over when and where your campaigns are served. Adjusting bids is tedious and time-consuming. The good news is that our bid management tool automatically adjusts bids for you based on AI!
  • Use target groups: By adding ready-to-buy target groups, you can further increase the performance of your DSA campaigns. Likewise, you can also use remarketing lists for your DSA campaigns.
  • Formulate ads correctly: The ad title of the DSA campaigns is generated automatically, but you have to define the description yourself. It’s best to formulate it in a general way that fits the target group of the ad.
    Exclude search terms: It can also happen with DSA campaigns that they are played out for search terms that are not relevant to you. Therefore, you should also regularly check and exclude search terms for DSA campaigns.

Optimize DSA campaigns with BiddingLab!

DSA campaigns can and should be optimized continuously. Here, the advertiser must not fully rely on the automatic control by Google. Dynamic search ads also need maintenance and need to be managed!

You want to optimize your DSA campaigns? BiddingLab helps you and optimizes the ad targets of your Dynamic Search Ads automatically and AI-supported in real time. To ensure optimal performance! Interested? Then feel free to contact us.

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