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3 min. read - Posted on 26/03/2020

As an advertiser you are probably familiar with the following situation: You have set up a campaign structure and have already collected enough data for an initial analysis and evaluation. However, you then find out that your desired goals have not yet been achieved or that the entire portfolio is not yet being advertised.

Failures of this kind can therefore quickly result in a loss, as either unprofitable work is being done or potential is not being used. In the worst case even both! There is therefore a structural need to catch up.

Depending on the planned control routine, it can take several days until this need becomes obvious and the appropriate response is made. In the case of a highly frequented control, this should be noticed more quickly, but every repetitive control and further adjustment always means a time expenditure, which can be minimized or completely saved by marketing automation or invested in strategic things.

A valuable tool for this is the Reactor from BiddingLab!

What is the BiddingLab Reactor?

In short, the BiddingLab Reactor, as an integral part of the BiddingLab Eco-System, takes care of exactly this described situation and takes over the processing for you to expand existing campaign structures based on the latest data from your account.

Emphasis is placed on the word extension, as the Reactor does not want to tell you the general marketing strategy – as some “smart” campaigns do. The BiddingLab Reactor focuses solely on creating the best foundation with the given resources to make high-performance, scalable and holistic account development as easy as possible.

What does this mean for my search campaigns?

Usually you will work with different keyword options in your search campaigns. It is not uncommon for the performance of a keyword to fluctuate greatly when it is broadened by match types such as ‘matching phrases’ (Phrase Match) or ‘largely matching’ (Broad Match). The BiddingLab Reactor accurately evaluates the performance data of each keyword and divides the campaign structure into “high performers” and “low performers”. The “High Performers” are prioritized and given a higher budget and thus activated to the maximum. The low performers remain active for you at a minimum level without eating up your budget. This campaign structure or keyword set is highly agile. These new or modified keywords are based on the search results of the original keyword and are permanently re-evaluated.

The original keyword is not removed and continues to serve the Reaktor as a starting point and discovery element to discover new potential and integrate it accordingly. The basic structure of your account is thus preserved. Only the control of this structure is refined to the highest degree.

Can the BiddingLab Reactor also do shopping?

Yes, it can! The BiddingLab Reactor is not only able to refine your keywords, but also all product groups of your shopping campaigns. The given structure is analyzed and broken down to the lowest product level to ensure that bids are always made at the product level, no matter how small or large the portfolio is.

Depending on the size of the portfolio, you can quickly lose track. If the product feed changes in addition, new features such as additional brands, product types and other categories based on user-defined labels can be quickly overlooked. In the worst case, you might not even notice these changes at all if the fallback product group ‘Everything else’ is completely excluded in this structure.

With the BiddingLab Reactor, this will never happen again. It always compares the current status of your product feed with the account structure and automatically integrates new features.

Conclusion – Optimal campaign management with the BiddingLab Reactor

The BiddingLab Reactor allows you to move from macro management of your Google account to micro management without any additional effort and get the most out of your campaigns.

And, as mentioned above, it is not the intention of BiddingLab Reactor to force a strategy on you or even dictate it. No! Its goal is to give you the tailwind you need to focus on new areas to grow together.

As if that wasn’t enough, the BiddingLab Reactor still has a memory and is able to restore any changes it has made to its original form if for any reason it becomes necessary.

Would you like to know what else our Reactor and BiddingLab can get out of your search and shopping campaigns? Then let’s talk about it.

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