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4 min. read - Posted on 11/02/2022

What is the Google Ads Editor?

The Google Ads Editor is an editing tool for managing Google Ads, which is provided free of charge by Google. In contrast to the classic Google Ads interface, it is an offline desktop application.

With the Google Ads Editor, campaigns can often be managed more productively and effectively than in the classic interface. However, using the Google Ads Editor is not a must – it is merely an additional option for editing the ads.

How does the Google Ads Editor work?

How does the Google Ads Editor actually work and how do I set it up? What functions does the Google Ads Editor offer that the classic interface does not?

Set up Google Ads Editor

If you want to use the Google Ads Editor, you first need to download it and synchronise your Google Ads account with it.

What functions does the Google Ads Editor offer?

Bulk editing: You want to make changes to multiple accounts or campaigns? No problem with the Google Ads Editor, which offers bulk editing options at account, campaign and ad level. With the “Make multiple changes” button, you can also change the status of several elements at once.

Drag & drop editing / move elements easily: In the Google Ads Editor, you can move elements simply by dragging and dropping. For example, you can move keywords back and forth between individual campaigns.

Find duplicate keywords: The Google Ads Editor offers (under the “Tools” tab) a function called “Find identical keywords”. This allows you to find keywords that appear more than once in an account, campaign or ad group.

Search & Replace: With the function “Search and Replace” you can quickly and easily replace texts or keywords.

Offline campaign editing: Once you have downloaded your campaigns, you can easily continue editing them offline. Only when you want to upload your edits again do you need an internet connection.

Undo changes easily: With the help of a button, changes can be easily undone. But be careful: as long as you have not uploaded the changes, you can undo them quickly and easily. Once the changes have been uploaded, it can be more complicated, or some changes can no longer be undone.

Check changes before uploading: The Google Ads Editor offers the possibility to check the editing before uploading via a button “Check changes”. This is also an absolute must if you use the Google Ads Editor. Without prior checking, only functioning elements are pushed directly online – and non-functioning elements are not. This means that your overview of the changes is invalid – and only parts of your planning are online.

The structure of the Google Ads Editor

The Google Ads Editor is structured as shown below:

The structure of the Google Ads Editor. Source: Google Ads Editor Help

 Here you will find the application menu in the Google Ads Editor 

 With the toolbar you can, for example, open an account, download the latest changes and check or upload changes.

 Here you can select the account, campaign or ad group you want to edit.

 Here, for example, you can call up the keywords of a campaign.

 This is the data view. Here you can see the contents of your account, campaign or ad group.

 This is the edit box where you can make changes.

Advantages of the Google Ads Editor?

Why is it worth using the Google Ads Editor? The advantages of the Google Ads Editor at a glance:

✓ Bulk editing

✓ Status change of several elements possible at the same time

✓ Drag & drop function

✓ Identification of identical keywords

✓ Search & Replace function

✓ Offline editing possible

✓ Simplified workflow through shortcuts

Limitations of the Google Ads Editor

The Google Ads Editor offers some advantages, but the tool also has its limitations. The Ads Editor (at least in its current state) should always be seen as a supplement to the web interface and never as a replacement. There are some functions that can only be carried out in the web interface. However, Google is constantly expanding the editor and it is possible that it will almost completely replace the interface in the future. Furthermore, there is a risk of double editing if several colleagues make changes at the same time. Therefore, you should always consult with your colleagues when making changes in the Google Ads Editor and uploading them.

Conclusion: Use Google Ads Editor yes or no?

The Google Ads Editor is a useful tool with which ads managers can save a lot of time. In particular, the Google Ads Editor can be extremely useful when making major changes or during setup. However, it is also important to know the limitations of the tool and not to see it as a replacement for the Google Ads web interface. Used correctly, however, the Google Ads Editor can be very helpful and contribute to more effective campaign management.

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