Google Ads automation

Whether search, display or shopping campaigns – BiddingLab automates and perfects the performance of your Google Ads campaigns 24/7

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Created for:

Marketing Manager

Increasing performance with the same AdSpend

AI-powered bid management in real time

Keyword management through Reaktor technology

CSS included on request


Maximum profitability

No technical know-how required

Campaign control fully automated possible

No black box: maximum control


Suitable for any type of customer

Maximum time effectiveness per customer/account

100% focus on strategy and macro management

Geographic & language campaign targeting

Why BiddingLab?

Your bidding tool for performance from another world

BiddingLab is the solution for bid management and keyword management in your Google Ads account. It allows you to manage the bids of your Search, Shopping and Display campaigns fully automatically and data-driven – always with your goal in mind. Thanks to simple setup and AI-supported real-time optimization, BiddingLab is a reliable partner for powerful performance.

Boosts your performance!

When BiddingLab detects unprofitable products or keywords, it reacts in real time and lowers the CPC. This avoids unnecessary click costs where no revenue is generated.

Bids more efficient!

Your ad will only be played if the conversion probability is such that your cost-benefit target is met. This way, BiddingLab ensures that your budget is used in the most effective way.

Saves time!

The daily routine of manual adjustments and identification of new potentials takes an enormous amount of time. BiddingLab controls and recognizes this automatically. So you have more time to focus on strategies and potentials.

Always one step ahead
of your competition
with BiddingLab

BiddingLab features at glance

BiddingLab ist constantly being updated in order to meet the needs of our customers. Here are
some current features in overview.

Real time bid management

Real-time bid management using fully automated bidding algorithms and AI-powered optimization.

Conversion Prediction

Data-driven prediction of the duration and profitability of the next conversion enables early response and cost control.

Bid Landscape Analysis

Monitor the competitive situation and optimize your own ad position. Even with poor performance, the visibility remains.

Trend Recognition

Dynamic trend detection weights the temporal proximity of the interaction to identify short- and long-lived trends.

Additional Datafeeds

BiddingLab takes into account additional data feeds, so that the optimization is flexibly adjusted to your performance goals.

Sales Booster

Targeted and intensive promotion of top sellers or special offers. You generate more traffic, more conversions and higher sales.

Start with BiddingLab now and get your bids to the top!

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