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BiddingLab is your solution for automated bidding in Search & Shopping campaigns. Originally developed to support agency teams, today more and more e-commerce companies and in-house SEA teams benefit from our bidding solution. Thanks to easy setup, fully automated bidding algorithms and AI-powered optimization, BiddingLab becomes a reliable partner that simplifies your own campaign management, saving you time and resources.

  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] Suitable for any type of customer (eCommerce, brands, service providers)
  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] BiddingLab works smoothly with any geographic & language campaign orientation of your clients
  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] Saves you time per customer account and allows you to focus 100% on strategy and macro management
  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] Manage unlimited number of accounts/customers in parallel & centrally
  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] Any number of user accesses for all SEA managers
  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] Regular reviews & strategy meetings with existing customers
  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] Individual pre-sales support
  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] Collaborative case studies & marketing actions possible
  • [icon name=”check” prefix=”fal”] Access to BiddingLab & Google betas

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