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Automated keyword management for your search ads?

The manual optimization of keywords still plays an important role in the daily routine of Google Ads for many advertisers or agencies. A lot of time is often spent on discovering potential new keywords or excluding so-called negative keywords. In addition, it is not uncommon for the performance of a keyword to fluctuate greatly when it is broadened by the different match types.

The solution: The Search Reactor

BiddingLab Search Reactor automates and optimizes keywords within your campaigns 24/7. Based on the keywords defined within the campaign, the Search Reactor identifies and adds new potential keywords. It accurately evaluates the performance data of each keyword and divides the campaign structure into “high performers” and “low performers”. The “high performers” are prioritized and given more budget, and thus activated to the maximum. The “low performers” remain active for you at a minimum level without eating up your budget.

More efficiency for your keywords

BiddingLab Search Reactor focuses solely on creating the best foundation with the given means to drive performant, scalable and holistic account developments as easily as possible. Thus, it is possible for you to move from macro-management of your Google Account to micro-management without any additional effort and thus achieve the maximum performance.

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