17% more conversions at -28% cost per click

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2 min. read - Posted on 26/01/2022

Our customer: J.König GmbH & Co.

J.König is a tool manufacturer with a large selection of machines and tools for working natural stone, ceramics and composites. The company has been developing and producing in Karlsruhe for over 95 years. With more than 23,000 m2 of company premises and over 130 employees, J. König is a medium-sized family business, managed by the 4th generation.

The starting position

J. König’s goal was to drive more traffic to the newly set-up online shop and increase sales. The big challenge of B2B business in the Google Ads context is, above all, effectively addressing the target group. At J. König, great importance has always been attached to personal and trusting contact with the customer. Due to the pandemic, this was only possible to a limited extent in the last 2 years, which is why the management also wanted to focus on other distribution channels.
The new distribution channel, Google Ads, has a target group-specific search campaign structure to generate relevant traffic and shop sales. The account initially had a relatively manageable entry budget.

The solution

After successful completion of the Google Ads account, BiddingLab was able to completely automate the manual effort of relevance optimisation and bid management with its core features. BiddingLab adjusts the bids according to the stored goals, with bid management taking place at all levels: Campaigns are automatically adjusted, ad groups optimised and the keyword set constantly expanded and recombined. Thanks to the BiddingLab Search REACTOR, it is possible to analyse search terms in real time. Relevant and irrelevant search terms are identified and divided into high- and low-performers. Taking into account the account history, user behaviour and competitor comparison, our real-time algorithm carried out an average of around 8,000 bid adjustments per month.

The results

BiddingLab was activated in September 2021. Already in the learning phase, a reduction in CPC and an increase in ROAS could be observed. Due to the strong performance, J. König was able to double its daily budget. As a result, BiddingLab was able to further improve the already high performance level. The CPC was reduced by a total of almost 30 %. The ROAS could also be increased again, whereby it was raised by more than 40 % over the entire term.

20 May – 09 September 202110 September – 31 December 2021
Conversions+ 17.52 %
ROAS+ 40.04 %
Conversion-Value+ 24.49 %
Costs/Conversion– 24.36 %
CTR+ 88.82 %
CPC– 28.15 %
Clicks+ 27.84 %
Costs– 11.10 %
Impressions+ 32.85 %

The increase in CTR of over 88% is remarkable, especially because B2B companies often have difficulties reaching their target group via Google Ads. BiddingLab was able to increase the number of conversions by over 17% while at the same time significantly reducing costs.

Looking to the future

Furthermore, it is important not only to maintain the current strong performance, but also to initiate further measures to get even more out of the customer J.König. In the future, other channels such as shopping or display can also be expanded and controlled via BiddingLab.

After the initial contact, we were relatively quickly convinced that this was a good introduction to Google Ads Automation. We used the free 60-day version and received support from the BiddingLab team during this period. Overall, we felt very well looked after from day one. After implementing some recommendations and having used the software for a good 4 months now, we were able to increase our conversion value while simultaneously decreasing the cost per action. We would recommend the tool at any time and are already looking forward to further development. Transparent costs and the 60-day trial period (in which the quality was clearly proven) have convinced us.


Anatol Menke

Digital Marketing Manager @ J. König GmbH & Co

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