Turnover increased by 571.90% with a cost increase of 46%!

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2 min. read - Posted on 10/01/2022

Our customer: Toneart Shop

The TONEART shop is one of the leading online retailers for professional camcorders and camera accessories with a range of over 7,500 products. Thanks to many years of experience in camera rental, TONEART customers benefit from comprehensive expertise and competent advice.

The initial situation

Toneart has been using Google Ads for many years and therefore came to us with a solid data basis and historical data. The high number of monthly conversions already achieved through Google Ads presented BiddingLab with the great challenge of proving that even more could be achieved here.

An important concern of Thomas, the managing director of Toneart, was to ensure more automation and granular and specific targeting of his products due to the high number of products. After a first meeting and the presentation of our technology, the decision was made to start the BiddingLab test phase.


BiddingLab was confronted with the challenge of optimising an enormous number of products with a limited daily budget.
Therefore, at the beginning of the test phase, the daily budget was increased by 30% based on our recommendation. Despite the still existing budget limitation, BiddingLab not only managed to keep the ROAS target from the beginning, but even to exceed it many times over.

Here, the Shopping Reactor was again able to unfold its full potential by giving each product the chance to be played out individually at product ID level. The more granular utilisation of metadata from the data feed thus paid off after a short time. Therefore, we were able to achieve a ROAS of 15.78 after only 14 days.


BiddingLab was activated on 17.08.2021. Toneart decided on a ROAS (Return on Adspend) strategy based on the initial situation, the personal goals and our recommendation. Despite occasional fluctuations within the first 30 days, BiddingLab was able to improve all metrics and exceed the ROAS target many times over.

KPIs17 August 2021 – 09 December 2021 VS
24 April 2021 – 16 August 2021
Conversions+143.78 %
ROAS+360.24 %
Conversion-Value+571.90 %
Costs/Conversion-40.12 %
CTR-21.06 %
CPC+14.71 %
Impressions+61.23 %
Clicks+27.27 %
Costs+45.99 %

With an increase in costs of 45.99%, BiddingLab managed to achieve 143.78% more conversions with a simultaneous increase in ROAS of 360.24%. The total revenue (conversion value) in this period increased by a remarkable 571.90%. We had expected a performance increase, but even we were surprised that it was so significant.

The costs per conversion were also reduced by more than 40%. The CTR, on the other hand, was reduced by 21.06%, but this makes it clear that BiddingLab has managed to achieve more qualitative traffic with regard to the conversion metrics and to reach people with a higher willingness to buy. This is reflected above all in the conversion rate (+91.54%).

Looking to the future

Furthermore, it is important to keep the high performance level constant and to activate further Google Ads channels such as Search and Display.

If you are also an online retailer or active in e-commerce, already run ads on Google Ads and would like to get more performance out of your campaigns, then we should definitely talk!

TONEART-Shop has been working with Biddinglab since Q4 2021. The cost-effective monthly flat rate in combination with the intelligent placement of our products on Google Ads is surprising. Previously, we spent 45% more on budget, but received 144% more conversions in return. The cost per conversion was reduced by 40% in percentage terms. The conversion rate has now increased by 85%. The ROAS increased by 360% and the turnover even by 571%. These are top results!


Thomas Zeitz

Managing Director @ TONEART-Shop

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