Click-through rate increased by +39.74% – with -9.96% CPA

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< 1 min. read - Posted on 10/08/2021

Scaling with efficiency

Our client: is run by the lawyers Prehm & Klare Partnerschaft mbB. For over 21 years, they have been able to help protect your name with the experience of over 8,000 successfully completed trademark applications.

The initial situation’s Google Ads account has a professional search campaign strategy that enables relevant coverage to be generated.
However, this requires continuous maintenance in terms of search term analyses and further integration of relevant exact keywords, which causes a great deal of effort. In addition, the bid control of the search terms was carried out manually, which further increased the operational effort.

The solution

After successfully restructuring the Google Ads account, BiddingLab was able to completely automate the manual effort of relevance optimisation and bid management with its core features. With the help of BiddingLab Search REACTOR, it is possible to analyse search terms in real time and to identify relevant but also irrelevant search terms and to automatically target them as active keywords. This gain in time makes it possible to focus more on strategic decisions.

The results

BiddingLab was activated at the beginning of July 2020. Already in the learning phase, BiddingLab was able to achieve the desired CPA target and strive for a scaling of the conversion. The costs per conversion could be reduced by 10% contrary to the originally defined target and this with a significant increase in conversions.

Based on this positive development, it was decided to increase the desired target by up to 15%. BiddingLab was therefore able to quickly adapt to the new situation and use the best of its previous knowledge to not only achieve this goal, but to remain below the target costs without sacrificing further growth.

July 2020 – May 2021vs. August 2019 – June 2020

We have already used several tools and finally landed on BiddingLab through our own research. We have been using this tool for over a year now and are extremely satisfied with the results.


Karsten Prehm

Lawyer @ Markenservice

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