+33% ROAS and 15% reduction in cost per conversion

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Our customer: Feuerwehrdiscount

Feuerwehrdiscount GmbH has been offering a wide range of products related to fire brigade equipment, supplies and rescue services for over 18 years.
The initial situation

Feuerwehrdiscount has been successfully using Google Ads for many years and therefore approached us with a long campaign history and a sound database. Before the BiddingLab test phase, the company was already using another bid management tool with which they successfully optimized their shopping campaigns. BiddingLab nevertheless aroused their interest, as Feuerwehrdiscount was looking for a tool that could optimize all possible campaign types.

The solution

For BiddingLab, it is always advantageous if a campaign is based on flawless conversion tracking and sufficient historical data is available in parallel. As this was the case with Feuerwehrdiscount, BiddingLab was able to start the test phase without major hurdles and thus take over the bid management. After a short time, it could already be seen that BiddingLab was able to significantly improve the already very positive KPIs. The use of the BiddingLab Reactor was particularly noticeable in the shopping context. This makes it possible to place bids at product ID level, which is not possible via Google Smart Bidding. In addition, the Shopping Reactor uses the metadata of the product data feed and thus enables a much more granular targeting of the products.

However, not only the Shopping campaigns, but also the Search campaigns in the Feuerwehrdiscount Ads account have been updated. Thanks to our Keyword Reactor, which enables automated keyword management, performance has also improved considerably here.

The results

BiddingLab was activated on 27 May 2021. Even in the learning phase, BiddingLab was able to significantly exceed the ROAS target across all campaigns and reduce the cost per conversion. Below we present the performance growth of the Shopping and Search campaigns:

Comparison of Shopping campaigns:

24 January 2021 – 26 May 202127 May 2021 – 26 September 2021 (BiddingLab)
Impressions+16,27 %

Particularly remarkable is the enormous increase in sales with decreasing expenses in the shopping campaign. While 5% less costs were incurred in the BiddingLab period, the conversion value increased by 48.39% and the ROAS by 65.96%.

Comparison of the search campaigns:

24 January 2021 – 26 May 202127 May 2021 – 26 September 2021 (BiddingLab)
Conversion-Value+673,55 %
Costs/Conversion+0,10 %
CTR+89,33 %
CPC+38,26 %
Impressions+166,82 %
Costs+598,44 %

Before the test phase, the search campaigns were running well below the available daily budget. BiddingLab recognised this relatively quickly and for the first time really exploited the available budget to increase performance. The result was remarkable: with a six-fold increase in the media budget, a growth in conversion value of 673.55% was achieved, which proportionally means an increase in ROAS of 10.75%. Movements in ad accounts are something we’ve seen many times at BiddingLab, but for this to produce such a fundamental explosion in performance in such a short space of time was also gratifying for us in the case of Feuerwehrdiscount.

In addition to all the profitability figures, it is also pleasing that BiddingLab has managed to significantly increase relevance in the target group, as evidenced by the click-through rate (CTR). The search campaigns in particular stand out here with a plus of 89.33%. The fact that it is indeed the relevant target group and not just the number of visitors to the shop that has been increased is impressively underpinned by an increase in the conversion rate of 8.4%.

Future prospects

It is still important not only to maintain the current high performance level, but also to activate further levers in order to get even more performance out of the Feuerwehrdiscount campaigns.

After I had already made experiences with other bid management providers, I came across BiddingLab. The most important thing for me was that all common campaign types could be controlled. After just a few weeks, both the profitability and the turnover increased - even more significantly than I would have expected. We were particularly pleased with the positive development in our shopping campaign. I can therefore recommend BiddingLab to every online retailer with a clear conscience.


Annika Kauling

CEO @ feuerwehrdiscount.de

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