20% more sales in only 4 weeks – with Biddinglab ready for the Christmas business

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2 min. read - Posted on 04/11/2020

“Can Smart Bidding solutions really be more successful than experienced SEAs who know their business model and have been observing and following the market for years? – a question that is still being discussed in professional circles and which we too regularly ask ourselves.

For this reason, four weeks ago, we put one of our longest standing SEA customers to the test and coupled it to BiddingLab for a test.

Account history: Constant growth over the years

For your orientation a few facts and figures about the account itself:

Support by the agency already since 2012

Monthly ad donations in the mid-five-digit range

Annual sales growth between 5% and 10% constant

Intermediate result after 4 weeks of bidding automation with BiddingLab

We could already draw the first conclusion in the learning phase of the bidder:




Conversion Value




Cost / Conversion

The figures are in each case in comparison with the previous year and far exceed the “regular” growth of 5-10%.

Sneak Peak: How does the picture look at the end of the learning phase?

We usually start with a learning phase of two months – but in this case we can give a small Sneak Peak after only two months of BiddingLab:

Currently we are working with:




Conversion Value




Cost / Conversion

So is automated bidding really better than handmade SEA?

Automated bidding can do much of the work and the results of smart bidding solutions are in many cases better than manual bidding – this is simply because with BiddingLab we have the ability to bid for any auction and any search query in real time. An SEA manager could simply not do this, neither in terms of time nor technically.

However, this is by no means a disadvantage for SEA managers, because manual bid management often eats up time, which can now be used for strategy & concept. “Handmade SEA” and BiddingLab do not contradict each other and can go hand in hand.

Conclusion: Use competitive advantages in the Christmas business with BiddingLab

In order not to be overtaken by the competition in digital marketing, advertisers can no longer avoid a smart bidding solution. Especially during the Christmas business, which often accounts for a large part of the annual turnover, the optimal performance of the own Google Ads strategy is extremely important. By choosing BiddingLab, our client has given himself the greatest gift with 20% more sales.

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